Renate E. und Brigitta K.

INQUIRY: I learned to cycle as a child, but then I didn’t ride much, the last time a few years ago I did a little bike tour on the Danube bikepath and in the Prater. Although I am older now (64 years), but still in good shape, I would like to try it again…, well, I tried it recently with a Vienna Citybike, but felt very insecure. I need professional support. I would like to share this first session with a friend (59 years old) who has more practice on the bike but hasn’t ridden for a while. Of course, both of us don’t own a bike. So if you would work with two “Golden girls”, we would be really happy. —- RESONANCE: Dear Bernhard, thank you very much for the wonderful two bike lessons and your friendly mail with all the tips for buying a bike. We will practice diligently, so that we are soon qualified for the “cycling in the city”-course 🤗. You are a very good, nice and patient teacher. The many exercises selected for us have helped us a lot to regain confidence and safety when cycling. We are looking forward to seeing you again!