Claudia S.

INQUIRY: E. is 8 years old and started with a scooter, but it didn’t work out well and it wasn’t really a joyful experience either. She got a bike a year ago and we tried it again and again. This time there is joy in it, but keeping balance, the coordination between eye and direction of travel action does not work. In addition, many children of her age can ride very well and E. is a bit embarrassed not being able to ride a bike. We parents don’t ride bikes. E. would ride together with her aunt and uncle, who would also accompany her to the course. What I wish for her: enjoyment of cycling, a feeling of security and an overview of what she does! —- FEEDBACK: Thank you for the photos! And thank you so much for teaching E. how to ride a bike! She is so happy that she has been cycling every day ever since, sometimes twice a day, because it’s just so nice.