INQUIRY: I had only brief experiences with riding a bike as a child and they weren’t positive, I fell and hurt myself. I didn’t want to try again. Meanwhile I’m very upset that I can’t ride a bike. I’d like to start a course quickly. —- FEEDBACK: Thank you very much for the super course, it was so much fun!

Martina P.

Only three weeks ago facing my new challenge I was very sceptical about it, but today it felt strange not to head towards the Donauinsel at 8 o’clock. You are doing a nice job and it’s safe to say, that you learn to ride a bike almost without noticing it ๐Ÿ™‚

Markus B.

I’d never thought I would succeed, but you made the unpossible possible! Thank you very much! For now I take care of my “back side” and when I feel better, I will continue to practise.

Margit L.

I am just back from the Donauinsel. Riding my bike, obviously =) Last month I’d never imagined how surprisingly fast things would happen. Thanks again!

Robert D.

Thank you for your assistance to learn to ride my bike! It was incredible fun and the time passed way too quickly. Thank you again for the certificate and the video which will always remind me how you assistend me patiently with many tips and tricks.

Marion D.

Hello Bernhard! Thank you for the photographs – and above all thank you for the magnificient course! I learned really a lot – I’d never imagined to be able to learn to ride a bike so easiliy. Although I was a little scared in the beginning it was ultimately a super joyful experience! Thank you and I wish you all the best with your City Cycling School.

Peter A.

Bernhard, thank you for the photos (and the certificate)! I was able to demonstrate my new abilities already yesterday in the Prater! The course was awesome and has met all my expectations. Thank you!

Marija V.

Indeed there was a blank to be filled in for many years. I was not sure about it, but I was wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ I felt very comfortably throughout the course. The learning concept is amazing. I was really impressed!

Carola S.

Fantastic 5 days, well worth coming and experiencing Bernhard’s teaching and motivational techniques. Not only I learned cycling, but a lot about the joy of doing it! The lenght of the course is perfect. The motivation was great. Loved the whole course from start to finish. You have really captured what a course should feel like, enjoyable, believable and achievable! The course is literally worthy whether you are a Absolute Beginner (like me) or someone with little knowledge. Thank you!

Rana F.

Bernhard is definitely a very good coach: not only he teaches you how to ride a bicycle, but he also gives very useful advices for every day’s cycling and infects you with the bicycle-virus:)

Chanty L.