Such an awesome experience! After years and years of unsuccessful trying, I can finally ride a bike! Thank you Bernhard for your patience and expertise! I highly recommend City Cycling School!

Celina M.

Hello Bernhard, “It’s never too late for a happy childhood!” – how true! Thank you for the wonderful course! It was a lot of fun. Both the course content and the breaks with you were fantastic. Your patience and didactics took magically away my fear and taught me to cycle! The moment when I pedaled for the first time without losing my balance was fantastic!
I now feel more self-confident, “complete” and I am already pedalling with rental bikes. This is a completely different quality of life that I experience! Unbelievable, what I missed so long. It’s not perfect yet, but it will get better.

I felt very comfortable during the whole course. It suddenly didn’t matter why I never learned to ride a bike. That didn’t interest you at all – no, it was just about leaving that behind and learning to cycle.

Learning to ride a bike made me feel more proud than any study degree. It’s so great! And it is never too late!

Amna L.

Dear Bernhard, thank you so much for your patience and attention over these last weeks. I appreciated your approach to teaching – breaking things down into small, manageable chunks and teaching us to respect and trust the bike. I’m sure there’s more to learn, but after these lessons, I’m finally not (too) afraid! Many many thanks to you and I hope to see you on the bike lanes!

Amanda M.

Thank you Bernhard for your patience. I couldn’t make it without your help! See you around ๐Ÿ™‚

Sylvia B.

Weeks ago I didn’t imagine myself riding a bike. Thank you for the coaching! ๐Ÿ™‚

Maria C.

Dear Bernhard, a huge thank you from me! It was really fine with you and the hours just went by. Through your motivating and pleasant way it was really possible to learn cycling without any pressure! I would be happy to get in touch with you if I have further questions! Kind regards!

Katrin H.

INQUIRY: I had only brief experiences with riding a bike as a child and they weren’t positive, I fell and hurt myself. I didn’t want to try again. Meanwhile I’m very upset that I can’t ride a bike. I’d like to start a course quickly. —- FEEDBACK: Thank you very much for the super course, it was so much fun!

Martina P.

Only three weeks ago facing my new challenge I was very sceptical about it, but today it felt strange not to head towards the Donauinsel at 8 o’clock. You are doing a nice job and it’s safe to say, that you learn to ride a bike almost without noticing it ๐Ÿ™‚

Markus B.

I’d never thought I would succeed, but you made the unpossible possible! Thank you very much! For now I take care of my “back side” and when I feel better, I will continue to practise.

Margit L.

I am just back from the Donauinsel. Riding my bike, obviously =) Last month I’d never imagined how surprisingly fast things would happen. Thanks again!

Robert D.