INQUIRY: N. is 7.5 years old, she can basically ride a bike, but she is yet a beginner and needs to train braking technique, and practice way choosing, and relations with the other road participants. She is keen to learn and loves to ride, it is just that I can not teach her well… —- FEEDBACK: Many thanks for the wonderful lesson with N. on Saturday, and lovely photos! She was very happy indeed, I have not seen her so happy actually, after any of the courses she has taken before. You have really made her feeling confident and get a pleasure from cycling, and I am happy very much for her too, of course šŸ˜Š

Elena R.

INQUIRY: N. is 7 and has no self-confidence when cycling. Running side by side with holding works very well, letting go is impossible! Can we book a course/single lesson with you?
Thank you and best regards! —- FEEDBACK: Dear Bernhard! Thank you very much for the photos and the video – and for the great time! We would be happy to recommend you to others. Best regards Heidi & N.

Heidi F.

INQUIRY: My son C. turns 13 and since we lived in London, he never had the opportunity to learn cycling. Now he lacks the playful lightness, but maybe he also has problems with his balance. —- FEEDBACK: Thank you very much, it worked great!

Alexander A.

INQUIRY: E. is 8 years old and started with a scooter, but it didn’t work out well and it wasn’t really a joyful experience either. She got a bike a year ago and we tried it again and again. This time there is joy in it, but keeping balance, the coordination between eye and direction of travel action does not work. In addition, many children of her age can ride very well and E. is a bit embarrassed not being able to ride a bike. We parents don’t ride bikes. E. would ride together with her aunt and uncle, who would also accompany her to the course. What I wish for her: enjoyment of cycling, a feeling of security and an overview of what she does! —- FEEDBACK: Thank you for the photos! And thank you so much for teaching E. how to ride a bike! She is so happy that she has been cycling every day ever since, sometimes twice a day, because it’s just so nice.

Claudia S.

INQUIRY: Our son M. is already 8 years old but never wanted to ride a bike. Neither he wanted it to learn with us nor with somebody else, despite we bought him repeatedly bicycles adapted to his height. Due to the fact that the bicycle exam has to be done at his school next year, we’d like to avoid that he could probably be the only one not able to ride a bicycle. Therefore we hope that he will aquire a taste of it through the cycling course “Absolute Beginners”. —- FEEDBACK: M. is almost outridung us šŸ˜‰ THANK YOU!

Doris B.

INQUIRY: I. will be 7 years old in April and has only practiced a little bit of cycling with “holding” until now, from time to time with a training wheel… We have probably missed the right time of learning – now everyone can ride a bike in her environment, therefore she doesn’t like to try it in her environment and pretends that she doesn’t want to do it at all (that’s what I suppose as a mother). I have to say that I would also like her to learn, but she refuses to do it with mother and father; -) My hope is now that it could work in a “non familiar” environment and with someone who is not close to her. —- FEEDBACK: Thank you very much! I. is now riding superbly… and has fun; -)

Claudia F.

INQUIRY: My daughter would like to learn to ride. Please send me infos about a single course. Thank you! —- FEEDBACK: Thank you very much! Looks already really professional :), I am glad, L. is learning to ride a bike with you.

Martina H.

INQUIRY: My 10 year-old son A. learned to cycle a little on a small childrenĀ“s bike at age 6, but later he didnĀ“t have the opportunity to learn and his attempts to learn on a bigger bike failed quite dramatically. Your beginnersĀ“ courses look promising, it would be nice if he could take part for a few hours. —- FEEDBACK: Dear Mr. Dorfmann, thank you for being so patient, and for the successful results! A. is very happy, almost euphoric, heĀ“s now planning tours (“IĀ“m still too young to go from Vienna to Retz…”) – and we as parents are really pleased too.

Sieglinde T.

INQUIRY: My daughter F. will be 11 this August and IĀ“m looking for someone who will teach her cycling without her being afraid. She used to practice with stabilisers, but is afraid of cycling without them, and up till now she has turned down offers of lessons. Please let me know if you can try something out with her, so that she loses her fear of cycling. —- FEEDBACK: THANK YOU!

Barbara K.-K.

INQUIRY: I’d like to book a cycling course for my 5 year-old nephew. Unfortunately he is still not able to ride a bike and he is heavily frustrated upon that. —- FEEDBACK: We are enthusiastic and will recommend you to others! Best regards!

Birgit B.