Hello Bernhard, thanks for the videos. Wow … Today I also stored the photos from our „Grätzlgiro“ on my PC, including the comments. I´ve cycled from home to work three times. (Burggasse isn´t so bad as I thought :-)) I rode from Praterstern along the Hauptallee to the Lusthaus and continued through the woods for a little while… It´s a nice route… and not as strenuous as I thought it would be… (if the weather is fine, then I´ll go out every day!) Warm thanks… This course is excellent…. I´ll be sure to recommend it to people I know.

Lenka L.

The photographs are marvellous – especially with your describing comments! Yesterday when I was at the Donaukanal I rode ahead to Tel Aviv Beach and after that I continued pedalling on the other side until I reached the Donauinsel-bridge. It was at times exciting (I rode back on the Döblinger Hauptstraße where there are rails and where I was overtaken by a huge coach) and strenuous (more mentally then physically) – but I made it. Now I have to keep practicing. During vacation we’ll do a ride to the office. Luckily a bicycle path leads from Gürtel to my office-entrance!

Annemarie R.

I can´t tell you how much cycling through the city means to me, and how important and helpful your courses are – you´ve done a lot to fulfil a dream that was interrupted 30 years ago. I know, I know, I have to practise, practise, practise, but now I know how to do it!

Ilirjana G.

Dear Mr. Dorfmann, the photo album has become a super useful learning book, thank you!

Wilfried S.

Thank you for the email and the photo album! It was awesome and I learned a lot! I am looking forward to our next appointment!

Lisa D.

WOW, that’s an amazing documentation!! Now I am really happy! Thank you! It was a pleasure, really good work from you.

Team WG Ulrich

Dear Bernhard! Today we went along the way to school that you suggested. It worked OK and was quicker too.

Katharina G.

Perhaps you remember me, I took part in one of your cycling courses around 1 year ago. For a long time now I´ve wanted to tell you that I´ve “discovered” cycling – I´m always on my bike, even in the winter 😉 I go everywhere, full of confidence. Thanks for introducing me to cycling, and I hope your business prospers, so that Vienna becomes even greener and worth living in!

Clara D.

Hello Bernhard, thanks again for the great times on Saturday and your huge efforts! I´d like to thank you even more for the tour to Wien Mitte – this gave me the confidence to cycle from Hietzing back home, and I found the shortcut near Kennedybrücke you told me about!

Andreas L.

We went on a great tour today, Bernhard! Except for the short section in Porzellangasse, I felt safe and confident all the way, even when we cycled in traffic lanes. Thank you very much for this…
What I totally enjoyed last month was riding a lot, day and night, amongst motorised traffic, some of it heavy, and very often on some of the routes we did on the Grand Tour (e.g. Hasnerstraße). I was able to practise intensely in the course and this was well supported by the comments in the video.

Toni P.