Finally I bought a new bicycle! Immediately after the purchase my husband and I rode together towards Greifenstein and it worked out really well. My husband was amazed by my cycling skills. I was very pleased, too. Finally riding straight with considerable speed!

Luise E. – Bicycle

Dear Bernhard, the course was awesome and I am so glad to have found your course-offer. You are a very good instructor and I felt really good during the whole time. I definitely will keep on riding my (new) bike. All the best!

Herta K. – Bicycle

INQUIRY: Nearly a year ago I had an accident (construction site, canal breakage, rails) with my bike in the city where I broke my right shoulder. I got back on my bike three months ago, as soon as I was able to physically get back on my bike after the operation and rehabilitation, but I still have some anxiety related problems (such as riding in wet conditions, cornering). I would like to regain my previous safety, as cycling means a lot to me and has been very important to me for more than thirty years. —-  FEEDBACK: Actually, I wanted to get in touch with you and thank you again for your help. All your fine “lessons” are well sunk in and I am now riding really smoothly and feeling better than ever before.

Viola G. – Roadbike

Wow, riding a roadbike is so much fun! You are able to go a lot faster than with a normal bike! Thank you for the useful and entertaining exercizes! Now I absolutely have to buy a roadbike 🙂

Sandra G. – Roadbike

Thank you for the photo album and for the summary of learning content! It’s nice to see how comfortable I sit on the bike now!

Martina R. – Bicycle

I´m speechless, amazed and very impressed. Thank you very much for the comments in the photo album! They match the content exactly and were compiled very promptly after our practice lessons!

Birgit S. – Roadbike

I´d like to thank you once again for last Saturday! And another “thank you” for the excellent summary and the photos 🙂 you offer a great service! … I hope the weather improves and look forward to my next tour! The passion got started ;-))))

Nina L. – Roadbike

It was so awesome that I would have liked to do immediately a long roadbike tour! P.S.: clickpedals are cool 🙂

Sandra K. – Roadbike

I regained my confidence on my bike and now intend to go cycling with my children and husband as often as I can! I would recommend this course to all who want to learn how to cycle again.

Maria M. – Bicycle

Dear Bernhard, thank you so much for the amazing photos!!!! It’s so much fun to practise together with you. We reached Handelskai sound and safe. There were so many people, but we made it!

Karin S. – Bicycle

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