Smooth roadcycling

Getting faster with the road bike!

With the course “Smooth roadcycling” you get to know the possibilities of the road bike!

Finally getting faster on the road bike!

You and the road bike

You are fascinated by racing bikes and curious to know how much faster you would be if you could use your pedal power with a racing bike.

Expanding the limitis

With the racing bike you always have the feeling that you could ride even faster. Faster into the bend, faster downhill, faster uphill, faster stop, faster straight ahead! This course is about you and expanding your limits on the road bike. If you find this an attractive constellation, you’ve come to the right place!

Step by step, pedal stroke by pedal stroke

You approach road cycling step by step and pedal stroke by pedals stroke. Through the challenging and feasible exercises you will quickly gain confidence in the road bike. Soon we can leave the practice area and collect real racing bike experiences in order to become even smoother on the road bike.

Personal learning is personal growth
That’s why you take this course in “At sight” mode!

Course mode “At sight”

The road cycling course is designed in “At sight” mode, i.e. you reserve only one double lesson at a time and decide whether you want to continue or whether your learning requirements have already been met. A double lesson costs 60,- €.

Sketch map of the course location for smooth roadbiking in Vienna

Easy to reach course location at the Reichsbrücke bridge on the New Danube in Vienna

The course takes place on the left bank of the Neue Donau river in the immediate vicinity of the Reichsbrücke bridge in Vienna, where you can comfortably get by underground U1, by car or, of course, best of all, by racing bike.

Individual training dates

The two-hour training dates can be arranged individually. On weekdays appointments are possible from 14:00 and on weekends from 8:00. Early risers can even enjoy magical early morning moments by booking appointments from 6:00 – 8:00 a.m.!

If you need a racing bike, rent one at the bike rental where we meet!

Rent a road bike on the spot at a reasonable price,
if you don’t have one!

Payment of course fees

The course costs of 60,- € per double hour will be paid after the respective date. It is also possible to make cashless payments with a Maestro or credit card or by prior bank transfer.

Your pre-registration is not binding

To sign up for the road cycling course, please fill out the form below and submit your contact details. The City Cycling School will then get in contact with you in order to arrange the course dates and send you the summarized information about the course. The pre-registration is not binding in any case. It becomes binding as soon as we have agreed on an appointment and you are ready to start the road cycling course.

Course "Smooth road cycling" | 1x2 hours | 1 person | 60,- €

Quick contact for further information?

Just call or send a WhatsApp! The City Cycling School is looking forward to talking to you!

Questions & Answers

If you just want to get to know the road bike because you’re riding it for the first time, you don’t need click pedals. However, you can rent clipless pedals together with cycling shoes at the bike rental. If you are already a little more advanced, using clipless pedals is recommended.

That would be ideal, of course! But you can also rent a racing bike for a reasonable price at the local bike rental where we meet.

Three steps lead you to the road cycling course:

1.) After your non-binding pre-registration the City Cycling School will inform you about the possible dates.
2.) As soon as we have agreed on a course date, you will receive the summarized information about your road cycling course.
3.) Only then will your pre-registration become a regular registration and you are ready to start your road cycling course.

As already described above, your cycling course will take place on the left bank of the New Danube at the Reichsbrücke bridge in Vienna. If you don’t come with your road bike, you can reach the exercise place comfortably by underground line U1, stop “Donauinsel” or by car, parking lot “Donauinsel”. So it’s only a few minutes walk away! In any case, you will receive the detailed directions including a sketch plan and Google Maps link during the pre-registration.

Yes, of course! The maximum group size is 4 persons and the best thing is that you can divide the course fee of 60,- € per double lesson among the attendees, because it stays the same. Simply enter the names of the second / third / fourth person in the remarks field when you pre-register for the road cycling course!

You read correctly, there is also good bad weather, where you can practise without problems with appropriate clothing and we therefore – after prior arrangement – hold the road cycling course so to speak `despite the bad weather´. In case of badly bad weather we will reschedule the course in time!

You don’t need race bike clothing, but you should dress sporty. Read correctly: no helmet, no knee pads, no elbow pads, no gloves, no cycling shorts, no safety vest, etc.



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