Learning to ride a bike for adults

It is never too late for a happy childhood!

Learn playfully to ride a bike with the cycling course “Absolute Beginners”!

Absolute Beginners - Learning to ride a bike for adults

Finally learning to ride a bike!

With the cycling course for adults “Absolute Beginners” you can finally fulfill your wish of learning to ride a bike!

Feeling the wind on your skin!

Gliding along, feeling the wind on your skin and experiencing the joy of cycling pedalstroke by pedalstroke. For example to go on a happy cycling trip with friends or to go cycling together with your family, to promote your health, to increase your fitness or simply to be able to get on your bike and start riding whenever you feel like it.

You learn step by step, pedalstroke by pedalstroke!

You learn cycling step by step, pedalstroke by pedalstroke: from scooter to small bike to big bike. From the small training ground to the big one to the open terrain. To put it in the words of a satisfied course graduate – you almost don’t notice that you’re learning to ride a bike!

Playful and joyful 5×2 hours for 250,- €

Absolute Beginners” lasts 5×2 hours as an individual course and costs 250,- €.

Course location Absolute Beginners - Learning to ride a bike in Vienna

Course location easily reachable by subway at the Reichsbrücke bridge on the New Danube in Vienna

The course will take place on the left bank of the Neue Donau river in the immediate vicinity of the Reichsbrücke bridge in Vienna, where you can easily get by underground U1 or by car.

Individual training dates

The 5 two-hour training dates can be arranged individually. On weekdays appointments are possible from 14:00 and on weekends from 8:00. Early risers can even enjoy magical early morning moments by booking appointments from 6:00 – 8:00 a.m.!

Training bikes are provided

These are the training bikes,
with which you will discover your cycling pleasure!

Payment of course fees

Please pay the course fee of 250,- € at the end of the first appointment. It is also possible to make cashless payments with a credit or debit card or with Apple Pay.

Your pre-registration is not binding

To sign up for the cycling course, please fill out the form below and submit your contact details. The City Cycling School will then get in contact with you in order to arrange the course dates and send you the summarized information about the cycling course. The pre-registration is not binding in any case. It becomes binding as soon as we have agreed on an appointment and you are ready to start the cycling course.

Cycling course "Absolute Beginners" | 5x2 hours | 1 person | 250,- €

Quick contact for further information?

Just call or send a WhatsApp! The City Cycling School is looking forward to talking to you!

Questions & Answers

You are by no means alone with your plan to learn cycling as an adult. It’s just that people don’t talk about it, because every and everyone assumes that all adults can cycle. And when you mention it, you usually get surprised looks and offers of help of the type “Don’t worry, it’s easy, I’ll show you, you just have to pedal, …“.

Maybe you have already tried it a few times and experienced for yourself that it is not as easy as you are told. So everything ends in a hole of silence and you somehow muddle through.

But that’s exactly what you want to change now, isn’t it? That’s why you take the cycling course!

There is no guarantee for learning success. But have confidence! If you’re with your heart in it and let yourself get involved in the cycling exercises, then there is a great chance that you will learn to ride a bike.

If you are not sure whether you are suitable for learning to ride a bike, but would like to try it out, simply make an appointment for a two-hour trial unit for € 50, – by using the contact form for pre-registration.

In the event that you then feel like completing the entire course, the trial unit is considered to be the first of the five learning units of the course. For the remaining four units you pay 200,- € at the beginning of the second double lesson.

Three steps lead you to the cycling course:

1.) After your non-binding pre-registration the City Cycling School will inform you about the possible dates.
2.) As soon as we have agreed on at least the first of the five dates, you will receive the summarized information about your cycling course.
3.) Only then will your pre-registration become a regular registration and you are ready for the first date of your cycling course.

This is a major advantage of “Absolute Beginners” as an individual course: you determine the intervals between the course dates according to your needs!

The course takes place outdoors and yet the only month in which no cycling course has yet been held is January!

As already described above, your cycling course will take place on the left bank of the New Danube at the Reichsbrücke bridge in Vienna. You can reach the exercise place comfortably by underground line U1, stop “Donauinsel” or by car, parking lot “Donauinsel”. So it’s only a few minutes walk away! In any case, you will receive the detailed directions including a sketch plan and Google Maps link during the pre-registration.

If you want to learn cycling by two, three or four persons, “Absolute Beginners” can also be taken as a group course. Group courses can be held when a group contacts the City Cycling School. If you are looking for other people to learn cycling, try to find them in your circle of friends or on social media! Course duration and prices change as follows:

Persons Duration Price
2 persons 5×2 hours 200,- € per person
3 persons 6×2 hours 170,- € per person
4 persons 7×2 hours 150,- € per person

If your journey to Vienna takes so many hours that it is impossible for you to arrive five times, we can also complete the double lessons very compactly one after the other on a long weekend. Just mention this in your pre-registration!

You read correctly, there is also good bad weather, where you can learn to cycle without problems with appropriate clothing and we therefore – after prior arrangement – hold the course so to speak `despite the bad weather´. In case of badly bad weather we will reschedule the course in time!

Come as you are! You need closed shoes with flat heels and thin soles; long trousers suitable for movement protect your legs from abrasions; a light jacket prevents you from cooling off as soon as we take a break; if you have long hair, a hair band prevents them from falling into your face.
You read correctly: no need for helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, cycling shorts, safety vest, etc.

Of course. Under coupons you will find all the necessary information.



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