Cycling in the city
You’ll love it!

Smooth and confident cycling in the city

You like cycling, BUT …

You like cycling, but you still feel too insecure for cycling in the city? With the “Cycling in the City” course, accompanied by the City Cycling School instructor, you will acquire all the necessary riding and behavioral techniques to master the typical traffic situations in the city smoothly and confidently on your bike.

Our learning place for cycling in the city is ... the city!

Learning through experience

Our learning ground is the city. We ride through the whole city and experience the traffic rules, the traffic signs, the cycling conditions and the other road users as they really are. This will enable you to derive the necessary cycling and behavioral techniques for smooth and confident cycling in the city and apply them to your everyday cycling mobility.

Meeting point traffic-free place

Our procedure is a measured one, after all it’s about cycling in the city, isn’t it?! We meet at a traffic-free place to start the course with an introductory talk about your previous cycling experiences and expectations of the course. Afterwards we get on the bike to prepare ourselves for cycling in the city by playfully trying out the different approaches for cornering, slowing down, starting, stopping, getting up, taking our hands off the handlebars, and much more.

Grätzlgiro – review

With the “Grätzl-Giro” in the surroundings of your choice, you can experience the city from a cycling perspective. We stop at typical traffic situations, discuss behavioural techniques for smooth and confident cycling in the city, take GPS-marked photos, change perspectives to better understand the view of other road users and observe the different forms of traffic situations. This review will help you to understand the contexts relevant to your learning needs for cycling in the city!

Grand Tour – Your masterpiece

A “Grand Tour” through the whole city with all its different Grätzln should become your masterpiece. It has a truly expeditionary character and as such you will find it epic. You will experience so many cycling things, that you will become ready for all traffic situations while cycling in the city on your own. The “Grand Tour” is all about pure riding, experiencing and enjoying. A camera will record our bike ride in some sections as a 360° video to capture the dynamics of the ride.

From practice to theory – Personal customer space

The photos, videos and GPS tracks from the riding exercises, Grätzlgiro and Grand Tour will be uploaded to your personal customer space on after every appointment. There, a built-in comment function allows us to exchange information about the content. In this way, a personal, interactive learning medium tailored to your needs is created for your smooth and confident cycling in the city! Your data sovereignty is guaranteed by the fact that you can control, change and delete the stored data.

Personal learning is personal growth
That’s why
you take this course in “At sight” mode!

Course mode “At sight”

“At sight” means that from exercise date to exercise date you decide whether you want to book another double lesson or whether you are already ready to conquer the city alone on your bike.

Individual training dates

The two-hour training dates can be arranged individually. On weekdays appointments are possible from 14:00 and on weekends from 8:00. Early risers can even enjoy magical early morning moments by booking appointments from 6.00 – 8.00 a.m..

Payment of course fees

The course costs of 60,- € per double hour will be paid after the respective date. It is also possible to make cashless payments with a Maestro or credit card or by prior advance bank transfer.

Your pre-registration is not binding

To sign up for the cycling course, fill out the form below and submit your contact details. The City Cycling School will then get in contact with you in order to arrange the course dates and send you the summarized information about the cycling course. The pre-registration is not binding in any case. It becomes binding as soon as we have agreed on an appointment and you are ready to start the cycling course.

Course "Cycling in the city" | 1x2 hours | 1 person | 60,- €

Quick contact for further information?

Just call or send a WhatsApp! The City Cycling School is looking forward to talking to you!

Questions and Answers

Yes, you do! Your bike should have working brakes, inflated tyres, an oiled chain and – if available – well adjusted gears.

Three steps lead you to the cycling course:

1.) After your non-binding pre-registration the City Cycling School will inform you about the possible dates.
2.) As soon as we have agreed on a course date, you will receive the summarized information about your cycling course.
3.) Only then will your pre-registration become a regular registration and you are ready to start your cycling course.

As already described above, the whole city is our learning area. For the first appointment, however, we need a place free of traffic as a starting point. If you know one, let us know when you make your reservation. I would be happy to make suggestions, if you wish!

Yes, of course! The maximum group size is 4 persons and the best thing is that you can divide the course fee of 60,- € per double lesson among the attendees, because it stays the same. Simply enter the names of the second / third / fourth person in the remarks field when you pre-register for the cycling course!

You read it correctly, there is also good bad weather, where we can practise without problems with appropriate clothing and we therefore – after prior arrangement – hold the course so to speak `despite the bad weather´. In case of badly bad weather we will reschedule the course in time!

Come in your everyday clothes! You read it correctly: no helmet, no knee pads, no elbow pads, no gloves, no cycling shorts, no safety vest, etc.

Of course. Under coupons you will find all the necessary information.



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